Straight guys can’t dance unless they’re from the United Kingdom

My friend Liz sent me this link to a post featuring Chistopher Robin.  It’s an account of the Harlequin party–if you scroll down past Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs, you’ll find this:

I think there were five
males at this whole thing, but who cares I was dancing and it felt good
to shake things up.  I was also thinking of "It’s Raining 300 Men" (the full songthe shorter, funnier version)" at the time, and unfortunately made the "HOO!" sound, much to the astonishment of those who have not seen the video.

One of the decorative males was this really cute dude in full kit kilt–the real deal.  No fake kilt here.

I say he was CUTE?  He got cuter as the evening passed, lemme tell ya.
And he could dance.  Straight guys can’t dance unless they’re from the
United Kingdom.  Tattoo that where you can see it, it’s true.  I never
heard him speak, but he just had that UK look to him, sort of a shy
David Tennant crossed with Tony Blair with just a hint of Orlando Bloom.

he just kept getting more and more cute the longer I danced, but I
behaved myself and tried not to stare at the way his kilt did fun
swirly things around his backside while he danced.  Um, more
woman-empowering music you could dance to and I had to breathe again
and get a drink.  Ice water, I’m not that much of a fool, and the
bartender was grateful for the change of pace…..

the cute guy in the kilt: I SWEAR on all the books I’ve written that I
did NOT intentionally brush your backside with my hand.  It truly was
an accident.  Had I really tried to grope you you would have jumped a
lot farther than that.

By the way, dude, nice arse.

Hmm, do you think I should send him the link? Or is that just too much empowerment for one runner-dude with a definite UK vibe?  🙂

4 thoughts on “Straight guys can’t dance unless they’re from the United Kingdom

  1. HB

    Awww, what a strange little compliment for him 🙂 I had a similiar experience once (although it was not as detailed and endearing as this) and it made the world seem so small. This is too cute.

  2. I was actually thinking when I saw the pics of him in the kilt that so few men can pull it off with panache and he certainly seemed to. I think you oughta tell him. C’mon you have already haven’t you?

  3. Okay, I told him. And maybe he was a teeny bit embarrassed (he IS British, after all!) but also pleased.

    HB–did it happen to you or to a boyfriend?

    The thing I liked about the post was how she captured the essence of CR. The slightly shy and very UK carriage. It was sweet. Or maybe I’m just crazy about him.

  4. HB

    It was actually about me. I found blogs raving about the really cute “Apple Girls.” (remember the Apple Store opening cheeks?) He even detailed what we were talking about while waiting in line near him.

    Yeah I loved the post too because it really captured a personality (I haven’t met CR of course but he seemed real based on that). Of course, that happens at a writers’ conference.

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