Post conference #2–the gang

We all met ages ago.  Ages and ages.  Liz Bevarly is on the far left; our careers and lives have taken oddly parallel paths and it has the power to startle us even now.  Next to her is Melissa McClone who is too young and adorable to have met us all ages ago, but is part of a long-time mailing list we all participate with.   That’s me in the black tank, with Christie Ridgway next to me (if you could see the shoes, red wedges with ankle straps, you would see why she wins Cutest Clothes all the time).  And kneeling is the incredibly supporting and healing Teresa Hill. 

3 thoughts on “Post conference #2–the gang

  1. I love red shoes. I just had to say that.

  2. I’m trivial, I just want to know what your necklace is made of Barbara.

  3. Me, too, on the red shoes.

    Keziah, the necklace is one of my favorites–it’s just some kind of poured acrylic, but it really looks like sea glass. The reason it matters, however, is because it belonged to my late mother-in-law, who was one of the finest and most loving people on the planet, Lurelean Samuel. Every time I wear it, I feel her all around me. 🙂

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