A couple of notes before rushing away

I’m headed out to the annual madness of the National RWA conference tomorrow morning.   I’ll bring pictures back.  If anyone is in the Dallas area, the annual literacy signing is Weds night, 5pm, at the Hyatt hotel downtown. 

A couple of notes before I go:
–Yes, I know the main website (barbarasamuel.com) is down.  I’m a space case and have had NO time to fix the issue, but I seriously hated the hosting company and want to change.  Typepad has spoiled me.  I’ll get all the material up again when I have time after all these deadlines and travel.  Truth is, much as we try, creative sorts are not always detail oriented.  You want me to write.  You want me to show up prepared to teach.  And I can talk all day.  Details of web stuff—sometimes not so together.

–I saw LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE over the weekend and it’s fabulous.  If, like me, you thought it was going to be a total downer filmed in weird color schemes about people you’d avoid if they were your neighbors, well, you’re wrong.  Rich and funny and layered and sick, just like real families.  Imagine!   What I loved most is how good I felt about myself at the end of it–there’s a sense of tenderness toward our very flawed human selves that made me feel okay, just as I am.  The little girl is worth the price of admission, and I am more and more a fan of Steve Carrell.

–The novella goes in the mail this afternoon.  Luckily, I gathered clothes and shoes for Santa Barbara, so I just have to repeat pack.  Which was really just a repeat pack of the various weekends I’ve been spending elsewhere.  If you are the kind of person who keeps track of clothes, be warned that I am wearing my favorite black tank and ever-so-packable turquoise skirt.  Again.  And my fragile 40’s-style blouse with the chemise with jeans, because I think it looks cool and I really am not a fan of business attire for myself.  Also the beaded shoes I found on a rack for $10 that are so Arabian nights my inner six year old goes nuts every time we put them on.

Hey, if you’re going, and you see me, please hello.  Also remember, I’m quite nearsighted, so if I don’t have my glasses on, trust me, I cannot see your face.  Come close and say hi. 

One thought on “A couple of notes before rushing away

  1. I *love* my webhosting company. They’re in England. http://www.f2s.com

    Will miss seeing you in Dallas. I’m not going this year. Will be trekking around Japan for two weeks instead. Have a great time!

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