Fresh California Flowers

Stumbled over this scene yesterday in the hacienda-like lobby of the Fess Parker Resort.  Of course one knows that the fabulous flowers are arranged by someone, but I’ve never been on scene when it was happening. 


Arrival.   I was surprised how many people were required to unload and arrange all the flowers.


It looks like a banquet.  The older man was so efficient, his hands stripping away the leaves from a flower that looked like a pink artichoke.   


I liked the blue tips on each flower, keeping water in.  Who knew that was how flowers were shipped.  I did notice these were California flowers, thus supporting the local economy.


Such an elegant scene.


Laying the ground work.   I wish I’d been able to get a shot of the finish, but my ride came and I had to go. 

I am quite tired this morning, but I’ll have some things from the conference to share in a day or two. 

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