Who should paint your portrait?

I’m on the road in Santa Barbara, where I believe we are about to have an excellent time. Shot a few photos, but they were not particularly interesting.    Sometime this week, I hope to get back to the mission, which I have been thinking about since last year–it is a singularly amazing visual pleasure–and will share those photos with you.

In the meantime,  shallow little pleasure for you (and who ever said all pleasures should be meaningful, hmm?   Is a rootbeer float meaningful?).   Go see who should paint your portrait.  This is my result:

Who Should Paint You: Gustav Klimt
Sensual and gorgeous, you would inspire an enchanting portrait..
With just enough classic appeal to be hung in any museum!

5 thoughts on “Who should paint your portrait?

  1. Mine was Andy Warhol with a portrait of Liz Taylor. Hmm…

  2. I was Andy Warhol, too. Not what I expected.

    Actually, Barbara, I’d think you were a Modigliani. Me? This: http://ginablack.net/images/ginabymarcia2.jpg is me. My mom painted that. 😉 (I always wondered what I was doing with an artichoke in my hair, but as I get older I understand).

    My Dad and Stepmom were in Santa Barbara on Thursday, on their way down to see my boy graduate HS (which he did last night). :sigh:

  3. Who Should Paint You: Alfred Gockel
    All American yet funky, you inspire an artist’s imagination
    And while not everyone will understand your portrait, you will!What Artist Should Paint Your Portrait?

  4. Who Should Paint You: Roy Lichtenstein
    Larger than life, your personality overshadows everyone in the room
    A painter would tend to portray you with a bit of added flair!

  5. I love Klimt. I have two of his prints here in my office (The Kiss is a framed puzzle, actually). But according to the quiz I’d be best painted by M.C. Escher:

    “Open and raw, you would let your true self show for your portrait.
    And even if your painting turned out a bit dark, it would be honest.”

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