Camp for writers: the Santa Barbara Writers Conference

Next week, I’m off to Santa Barbara for the conference I first attended last year.  I’ll be teaching each morning, walking on the beach every afternoon, and listening to the wisdom of a great variety of writers every evening.  The conference showed up in The New York Times:

Also welcoming writers of varying abilities is the Santa Barbara
Writers Conference. Some participants, said Marcia Meier, the director,
“come back year after year for motivation, inspiration and to see
friends.” One woman, she added, “has been coming for 20 years and
actually met her husband here, and they wrote a book together…read more from the New York Times article

4 thoughts on “Camp for writers: the Santa Barbara Writers Conference

  1. Someone was asking about when you were offering the Girls in the Basement class again, but your website’s still down…or at least I haven’t been able to access it for a week or two. Any idea what’s going on?

  2. Yes. It boils down to this: Barbara is dense and has too many emails and didn’t realize that the hosting reminder wasn’t spam.

    So now I’m trying to transfer hosts, but haven’t had any time. And it’s Complicated.

    And you all thought we had People do this for us. Hahahah. I should since I’m such a bloody space case.

    It’ll be up again eventually. In the meantime, I promise I’ll get something up about classes in the near future. There won’t be another Girls class for at least five or six months, sadly.

  3. cat

    I was born and raised in SB. The SBWC was my first and I absolutely loved it. Hope you enjoyed your time there. 🙂

  4. It was really a great conference, Cat. And the setting can’t be beat. I’m as crazy about California as I was when I was sixteen and dreaming of running away to the beach.

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