A really, really high-quality brownie.

The clever women over at Smart Bitches have a great post up this morning: What kind of food would a romance author be….?

A few favorites:

Laura Kinsale: Saffron. Rare and exclusive, but packs a huge wallop when used.

Anne Stuart: Dark, dark chocolate with random habaneros hidden inside.

Doughnut: JR Ward. Jhelli philled dhoughnutz, phull of ahngzt, pain and
sadism–oops, sorry, zsadism, all skull-shaped with frosting fangs and
tiny candy shitkicker boots, trying really hard to look hardcore and
scary, but DUDE. It’s a DOUGHNUT. Sure, it’s tasty. It may be a Voodoo Doughtnut,
even, and God knows Candy’s fond of those things–in fact, she loves
them so much, she got married in the store. But c’mon. They’re

And one I liked quite a lot, actually: 

Barbara Samuel: A really, really high-quality brownie. Deceptively simple ingredients, but incredibly dense and delicious.

Go read the whole post, and don’t skip the comments.  Particularly the one about cheese.

PS  I’m not picking on JR Ward.  Not my kind of novel, so I don’t read her.  The parody is what’s funny. 

One thought on “A really, really high-quality brownie.

  1. Mel

    I read that this morning! I meant to forward you the link then got busy at work (you know, that thing I’m supposed to be doing from 7-4…) Anyway, I loved their description of you. 🙂

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