Just another eye-splittingly beautiful day in Colorado

Or:  A writer HAPPILY afoot again

After my knee injury in March, I’ve had a slow grumpy recovery, but the past few weeks, it’s been getting better very fast.  I’m happy to report I hiked long this morning–a trail called section 16, which is a vigorous six mile loop.  A few twinges, but really—SO much better.   

A few photos for your viewing pleasure:

An hour in, and the end of the steep test….


Looking back toward the east.


A wildflower.  But also, that should give you a hint at the grade.

And here is a little boon from the blizzard year–flowers, flower, flowers!!


This is a little fuzzy, but it’s the color that’s so amazing.


This is a trail that runs along the Front Range, called the Santa Fe trail.  Not the historical trail, mind you, but a good trail nonetheless.  Not challenging, just long and peaceful walking or running.  Lots of runners love this trail.


Like sunshine.

Happy weekend.  What beauty is showing up in your world?

4 thoughts on “Just another eye-splittingly beautiful day in Colorado

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. We have a nestful of baby starlings living beneath a piece of siding that pulled away from our house. Their sounds are adorable, and it’s been so much fun watching Mama and Papa bring back wormy treats for their brood.

    My Siberian Irises are just days away from blooming. Their saturated royal purple color makes them a favorite in my garden.

  3. gale

    Barbara, your photos are wonderful! Only Colorado can be so beautiful when its beautiful! Do you have to use a program to upload them to your blog? thanks, gale

  4. Oh, a nest of starlings are a lovely treat. And I love irises in any form. The lilacs have been incredible this year, too.

    Gale, I like Microsoft Photo editor, but haven’t installed it on this computer yet, so those are pretty raw, straight from the cell phone shots. Typepad makes it dead easy to upload, too. Click an icon and you’re done.

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