Luciousness, sicilian-style

Earlier this week, I shared some travel blogs I like to visit.   I saved this one for a special highlight for our foodie fix: 

Pinch My Salt, which has won a plethora of awards from all kinds of sources, so it’s not just me telling you to go wander around.   It’s the food and recipe blog of a woman living in Sicily.  I love it for the recipes, but even more for the absolutely mouthwatering photos of thing like strawberries and the bread and cinnamon below.  Lots of earthy recipes, too.   Go, but be careful–it will make you hungry!


4 thoughts on “Luciousness, sicilian-style

  1. Barbara, one of my favorite travel blogs with food is this one.

    and if you want to look at some beautiful images of wild Tasmania, by the late Olegas Truchanas

  2. Hi Barbara, Thanks so much for the highlight of Pinch My Salt! I’m going to check out the travel blogs you recommended now 🙂

  3. Anne, thanks for those links. I saw an article on Tasmania a couple of years ago and it looked like a wonderful place to visit!

    Nicole, the pleasure was mine. Thank YOU.

  4. Oops. Sometimes, I’m Celia on the webpages of my son and his friends. New computer here.

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