Here is something a mother never forgets:

22 years ago this morning, I was pacing a hospital hallway, GIGANTICALLY, ENORMOUSLY pregnant with my second baby.  He was two week overdue.  I had the waist circumference of a mid-size theater.  I had not eaten bacon (or a lot of other things) in nine months.  I was pretty sure, in the weird, pregant way you get by the end, that I just wasn’t ever going to have a baby.

Ah, but after most of a day, my (big!!) Miles arrived, looking exactly like his grandma Lurealean (and still does, if you look past the dredlocks and tattoos).   We fell asleep together and he didn’t leave my arms again for about  year.  He’s still stubborn (Taurus and year of the Ox) and adorable and cuddly, but it’s an entirely different thing to be hugged tight by a 6’4" man than it was that adorable, wild haired boy.

Happy birthday, Miles!   

(He doesn’t get on the internet much, but I’m going to make him come read this.   Sing along with me, everybody…."Happy Birthday to you….you live in a zoo…."    )


EDIT: We did actually go to the zoo.  They have lion cubs and I couldn’t get a picture.  I did  capture kids in the wild, however….

4 thoughts on “miles-stones

  1. Mel

    Happy Birthday, Miles. Not only do you share your special day with my BFF and my kids’ godfather, but you also have a great name…1st name on our list if we’d have had a 3rd child.

  2. Happy Birthday Miles!

  3. Are ya saying he looks like a MONKEY?!?! And SMELLS like one, too?!?!

    Yeah, even though we love our little boys, they do look and smell like monkeys a lot of the time. 🙂

  4. Thanks for celebrating with me. LOL, Julie.

    Miles said thanks, too. He was headed out to practice with his new band.

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