Joy Diet + five things

A bunch of us are reading Martha Beck’s THE JOY DIET.  We just started today, so join in if you like.  This is a very kind, warm way of living, so you might give it a try if you’ve been feeling totally stressed.  Or even moderately.

Five things today:

–I sent off a big chunk of the book to my agent today. Almost all of it.  Still need to tweak the last 50 pages and find tune some recipes, but it’s pretty much finished.  Feels very weird.

–I’m off to Albuquerque in the AM, just for the day.  I’ll try to observe something interesting while I’m out there.

–I have a new haircut.  Very swingy.  Shorter. Way blonder, but of course, that’s just being out in the sunshine.

–it’s gloriously beautiful here today.  I walked again.

–I’ve discovered that those little brown notebooks, moleskins, are really terrific. Julia Cameron suggests carrying a sketchbook and using it to record things in a different way.  Funny how you remember things in a different way by doing that.

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