You are so beautiful

Most media images of the naked bodies of women are like the glue-as-milk photos of food–so polished as to be slightly bizarre.   If you go to a gym, you know women’s bodies come in lots of shapes and sizes and beauties.   I’ve long argued that lots of photos of naked women of Bodiesandsouls all ages would make ALL of us feel better about our own bodies–thus was delighted to read about BODIES AND SOULS: The Century Project, by photographer Frank Cordelle. 

Here is a devoted photographer showing women of all ages and all sizes (and, as he comments on his site, he has moved to the Bay Area to make it about all races, too).  On the site is a photographic timeline of women that I found quite touching.  Lots of love and beauty here.

3 thoughts on “You are so beautiful

  1. Gabrielle

    I opened “O” magazine this morning, right on the page with a photo of a naked 92-year-old, taken from that book. What a wonderful photo, it made me laugh. There were also shots of naked older woman for the new Dove line: Pro-Age. SO much nicr than Anti-Age.

  2. Aren’t they wonderful?? I just love these pictures.

  3. Aren’t they wonderful?? I just love these pictures.

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