Dragon Lovers Anthology


"Fur, feathers, farts and scales! What a marvelous presentation of romantical
dragons, showing off for the ladies of their choice, happenstance or
traditional. A very good collection for all hungry draconphiles, aka
dragonlovers. Well written, stylish and above all inventive, Dragon Lovers is
sure to please readers of all ages."

-Anne McCaffrey

A new anthology for fans of the fantasy novellas will be out March 1.  Because Jo Beverley, in her phlegmatic English way, is so good about getting the word out, we have a great website for it (designed by Karen Harbaugh), and there will be a beautiful silk and silver dragon necklace given away on February 20, so hurry over to find out details. 

For those of you new to this angle of my work, there’s actually quite a bit of it, starting with Irish Magic I & II, then Faery Magic, with the gang, and now our dragons.  This is all for good fun and high romance, so enjoy!  (And isn’t that a fab cover???)

Dragon Lovers
ISBN 0451220390
March 2007

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