Huge blizzard in the neighborhood the past two days.  A few quick observations:

The weather guys said it was coming Monday.  It didn’t.

They said it was coming Tuesday.  It didn’t.  I went shopping in Manitou with my friend Kelli. 

They said it was coming Wednesday, and I’d given up on it by then.  Wednesday morning, it was cloudy, but no big deal.  I made coffee with the last of it in the can and sent CR to work, and made my lists for the day, starting with getting the house ready for Eldest to arrive at 5 pm from NYC.

Blizzard arrived.  Stranding child in Phoenix overnight.  Stranding me without coffee.  Luckily, I bought very good spice tea at Adam’s Cafe on Tuesday.

We lost cable and internet.  I wrote a LOT.  Finished the big rewrite and managed to get 7 new pages. Wrapped all my presents.  Child called to keep me posted on possible arrivals.  The snow finally stopped, leaving 6 foot drifts in places.  I went snowshoeing. 

Two days later–child is safely arrived.  All gifts are wrapped. I’m "stuck" here because my little car will not navigate these roads.  Child will sleep.  In the morning, I’ll write some more.

Wow, I love writing this book. That doesn’t mean anyone else will love it, but my first job is to entertain myself, to sneak off to my office and scribble scenes and story and moments.  Today, an eccentric woman from the islands arrived and shooed away the ghosts, leaving heroine much relieved. 

The blizzard, if not for stranded child, pleased me very much.  I love, love, love snow!  Wish I had a photo for you, but I’m sure you saw plenty on the news. 

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4 thoughts on “Blizzard

  1. Gabrielle

    Oh, I wish I could be there! I dream of being snowed in and writing, writing, writing–though with coffee, preferably! Then dashing outside into the cold to make snow angels and wake myself up before heading back for more writing. Followed by a nice drop of Mandarin Napoléon. Glad that Eldest arrived safely–enjoy your time together. and I’d love to see pics if you get the time.

    Happy, happy, HAPPY holidays!


  2. We were just listening to the radio news and they mentioned Denver’s current blizzard as well as the “Blizzard of ’82,” which happened my senior year in high school in Denver. My mom and brother and I were supposed to spend New Year’s at Disney World. I’m struggling to remember details, but it seems we went to Stapleton airport a day early in order to be there when the first flights made it out. Then…the three of us ended up fighting like cats and dogs in Orlando for the entire trip! Something about putting a 17-year-old girl, her 19-year-old brother, and their 40-year-old single mother together in the same hotel rooms, I think, was a bad idea. 🙂
    Have fun digging out! I wouldn’t mind a little snow in Texas for Christmas…sigh…

  3. Mel

    Glad you’re okay, saw the storms on the TV last night….send some of that snow down under…we need all the water we can get right now. Though they’re forecasting snow in some parts of the state for Christmas! Writing through a storm sounds fab. I’m in a Christmas whirlwind but it doesn’t involve much writing at the moment.

    Have a great holiday!


  4. Blizzard of 82–yes. I was in college and all our relatives were stuck in Denver and couldn’t come down and I was just SO bummed out!

    Gabrielle, I think I’d be very happy snow-bound in a mountain cabin for a week, writing insanely. I might try it.

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