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I ran the YMCA’s Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning ("run" being perhaps a bit strong, since I am very slow).  It was my fourth 5K, and I’m still very, very slow, but I am ecstatic to be able to report I ran the entire distance this time.  I’ve been working on resting while still running, and –surprise, surprise–training works.   I felt pretty good afterward and now that I know I can actually go the distance, I’ll work on running faster.  Or longer.  Or maybe both.

Someone on a hike yesterday asked why not just hike all the time instead of running.  I adore walking and hiking, and especially long distance hiking, but running makes me feel like Wonder Woman.   I walk back to the car taller and stronger, feeling like I can do anything.  Anything.   My only wish is that I started doing it a long time ago. 

4 thoughts on “Running feet

  1. Several years ago my brother started going on runs with a friend who was training for 5-10K run in San Francisco. Since then my brother has graduated to marathons, triathalons and has done two Ironman competitions. He and others he competes with are incredibly inspiring to watch and made my husband and I change our lives. What has the result been? My husband is a runner and occassionally does a marathon, I walk and we both do yoga. It’s just changed everything. You don’t know who may have been inspired by you just by watching you run, fast–slow, it doesn’t matter. So go Wonder Woman go!

  2. HB

    I had a dream that I was in a store buying up all the clothes that were in your new line of designed clothes. My dreams are very traceable to experiences I’ve had recently and I think it was because of your posts about (1) project runaway, (2) the writing class and (3) artist date.

    It was very real and I was searching out all the wonderful things you’d made 🙂 Some of “your eldest” had designed a few things and I remember being like woah, I didn’t know he could design 🙂

  3. Barbara

    haha on the designs, HB

    Rosie, that’s a great thought, thanks. And Ironmans–wow.

  4. Nancy

    Coming out of deadline sequester to say WOO-HOO you, Barbara! 5K — that’s more than three miles? Way to go!

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