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On TuesdaOrange_flowers_and_blue_bowl_1y, I’d had enough of everything and took off on an artist’s date. I wanted color, quiet, softness in my head, which has been spinning and spinning with ideas and noise. At first, I shot a photo of a beautiful orange daisy I had sitting in my kitchen window. 

That felt so good I took the camera to a greenhouse I love around here, Phelans, where I was the only customer.   I took my camera and just wandered around breathing in the exhalations of the philodendrons and orchids and herbs.  I let that thin cool light wash over me.  Shot some photos of
bouganvillea and palms. Greenhouse1  Bought a velvety-leafed geranium that smells bright and sharp, and some tiny ferns and philodendrons, then went to Goodwill to find a container to make a terrarium.  I found a used fish tank for five dollars, and then came home and made a terrarium.   HIGHLY satisfying.   I spent about $25, which is what I allow for a greenhouse foray.  I don’t have to spend as much in some other settings, and will sometimes allow myself to spend a fair amount for something I know the girls are dying for.

Then I came home and made a terrarium. It’s on the high shelf of my desk, where it gets a little light, but not a lot.  I’ll put other things in, maybe, but for now I like it.  What I’d really like to do is make a river terrarium, with a miniature river environment, like those one of the kennel folks makes.  Maybe I’ll wait awhile though. 

This is a good weekend to sneak in an artists date of your own, whether you’re a writer or not.  Sneak off for an hour and do something luscious just because you want to.

ADDITION: Mel-O-Drama took the challenge and posted an account of her artist’s date, too.  Anyone else?

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  1. Mel

    Peaches and I are going to take a walk with the camera today…I’ll report back in afterwards!

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