So what have you been reading lately?   What must I rush out and find, right away?

I’ve enjoyed lately:  A new book by Sarah Bird (The Boyfriend School), The Flamenco Academy.  Hip and luscious and very romantic.  Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper. Also a relationship book,  from a guy’s point of view.  I was surprised by how much I liked it.  Taking with me on my travels,  Paint It Black, by Janet Fitch, purchased at full price in hardcover because White Oleander was fantastic and Paint It Black is about rock and roll and the sixties and well….stuff I really like.  The romance reviews you can read at BookPage

Oh, and congratulations to Anne Stuart for making the New York Times Extended list this week for Cold As Ice.   Go, girl!

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6 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Right now I am reading three books. They are: Accidental Murder by Claire McNab, Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton, and the last is by an author called Ruth Wind (*grin*) called The Diamond Secret. I am really enjoying them all and I find that I am able to keep them seperate in my brain as one deals with a Lesbian detective (the Claire McNab), one deals with an Animator and Vampire Slayer (the Laurell K. Hamilton) and the last one deals with a big big diamond mystery and love and sex and all sorts of good things (the Ruth Wind).

  2. I read my eyes dry this weekend, after a particularly busy week and big exhausting Halloween party last weekend I rewarded myself.

    I read CONSPIRIACY GAME by Christine Feehan and NO REST FOR THE WICKED by Kresley Cole. I’ve been in a Feehan slump of late, but enjoyed this latest installment of her Ghost Walker series.

  3. Gabrielle

    I read this book, where something happened that I could see was going to happen but it just broke my heart that it did and I couldn’t read that scene fully, thus proving the power of words–MS. SAMUEL! I am SO not forgiving you for Juliet’s Law! (Ok, I’m kidding, but as this is about the 3rd time you’ve made me cry on public transport, I can no longer use you as my commute read, you’re going to be a strict stay-at-homer!)

    And now I’m rereading Earl Emerson’s “Into The Inferno,” an excellent suspense that’s teaching me a lot about characterization and how to set up plots–well, that’s the plan, anyway 😉

  4. Barbara

    Ah, Ruth is getting some play! Donna, I do that, read three books at once.

    Flamenco was flawed in ways, but still good. I have a deep need to read of New Mexico, and loved it for that.

    I’m traveling again this weekend, so have to stock up some more. My agent recommended one and I’ve got Paint It Black still.

  5. Tony

    Barb, Try Two Lives by Vikram Seth. Not fiction, but profoudly engaging and moving, by one of the most talented writers around — and about 1,100 pages shorter than A Suitable Boy.

    Also just finished The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold — wonderful writer, highly romantic.

  6. Barbara

    Will look for the Vikram Seth!

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