October blizzard

Blizzard1 We’re having an official blizzard in Colorado Springs this morning.  I took this shot of the back yard just before the wind started to blow.  My poor Sasha could barely get across the deck!

Confession:  I adore blizzards, as long as I’m snuggly inside. And I am. Christopher Robin is working right besde me.  I mailed pages yesterday.  We have candles in case of power failure and lots of chocolate.  Many books to read. 

Life is good. Dog_play

UPDATE:  we have had about 14-15 inches of snow.  I think the actual snow has stopped, though the wind is brutal.  Another pic for you: the dogs and Christopher Robin were having a blast.   

5 thoughts on “October blizzard

  1. Wow! We didn’t get any snow here just a lot of rain and wind. Oh yeah…it was cold too.

  2. Wow! In the three years I lived in Colo Spgs I don’t think we ever got that much snow at once! Glad you are toasty and have books to read. I’d be in heaven.

  3. Gabrielle

    Looks positively wonderful! Wish we had it here, because there’s no way I coulg get to work Instead, it was so hot here last night (21c) that I hardly got any sleep.

  4. HB

    Fantastic! We only have cold coat wearing weather. If it’s going to be cold, I want snow 🙂

  5. Barbara

    It was so much fun. CR was stir crazy by the end of the day, so we went out and shoveled the driveway, huge piles of heavy snow. Today, it’s very sunny and melting in great rivers, but I’m hoping there will be snow enough left in Black Forest to do some snowshoeing tomorrow.

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