What. Were. They. Thinking?




I admit to being addicted to both Top Chef and Project Runway.  Season three of Runway finished last night.  Jeffrey won.  JEFFREY????   His clothes were cute–if you’re a sixteen year old girl living in a giant city on the west coast.   Laura’s gorgeous 30’s style evening wear was absolutely gorgeous, IMO, even if they’d never suit my body type.  I liked everything Micheal did except his show (he is young and likes women, so he’ll be okay).

Uli’s collection was fabulous. The prints, the styles, the silhouettes.  I have decided I’m going to put money in a jar every time I do things right (like lift weights when I don’t feel like it, or give up dessert or turn in something a day early) and use the proceeds to eventually buy an Uli print, particularly one of the turquoise and green ones.  She’s FANTASTIC.

Even the judges said it: she designs clothes women love to put on. Heidi Klum said, "I’d wear anything in that collection."  So why give the crown to a guy who designs for teenage punkers? 

Anyone else watch?

8 thoughts on “What. Were. They. Thinking?

  1. michelle

    I think that they went with Jeffrey for 2 reasons, 1 he had a cohesive collection, it flowed from one piece to the next. 2 he was “inovative” which to means that they were ugly. I think that Uli should have won. I did not like Laura’s, there was no color.

    Michelle in Cold Colorado Springs

  2. HB

    Whoops! Good evening spoilers! 🙂

  3. Nancy

    Barbara, I had no idea you were a Project Runway devotee. Me, too! My daughter and I have been so addicted we actually rented the first video of season two (first four episodes) to tide us over between season three episodes – then we discovered cable reruns of the rest of last season. One day we had a PR marathon. Pure decadence.

    I *so* think Uli should’ve won. I have to admit Jeffrey is innovative, but so is Uli – in a more universal way. What I wouldn’t give to have that dress she designed in the last group challenge — and the body to wear it. I remember a comment the judges made about Jeffrey needing to break out of his Gwen Stefani box, which I think sums up his style. Loved Laura’s sophistication. Michael was hit and miss with me.

    I wish you were going to be in Florida longer and we’d take an Uli road trip down south. Maybe next time.

    Oh, and I’m so jealous of your snow! It was 91 degrees in Orlando today. It’s October, for God’s sake! Did someone forget to change the calendar?


  4. Barbara

    Oops, sorry about the spoilers! I’ll go back and do an edit.

    Yeah, Jeffrey was innovative–the little baby doll dress was adorable–but I really loved both the women. Last season, I was such a Santino fan that he’s taken flesh as a character in my imagination–what a great face and I was bummed when he didn’t win.

  5. I too am a Project Runway watcher, and I was hoping that Jeffrey would win, and he did!

    I thought they all were wonderful designs and all very talented. They will not have any problems making it in the fashion industry.

  6. Barbara

    Donna, maybe I just don’t get it–tell me what you loved about Jeffrey’s work.

  7. I will grant you that Laura, Uli, and Michael all had beautiful designs. Laura’s reminded me of a Josephine Baker, Paris, Roaring 20’s, and Uli’s designs looked like she was influenced by the 1960’s. Michaels was not a good as some of his earlier designs. But what I like about Jeffreys was his was different. You couldn’t say “hey they is evening wear or you couldnt say it was business wear”. What is was was innovative, didn’t run with the crowd, daring, he took chances. I guess I like that sort of thing. Also, I do think his backstory influenced me. His life history, the underdog.

  8. Barbara

    Ah, okay, the recovering addict thing. I get it. I just thought Uli’s story was more powerful, really, growing up in East Germany and coming to America. I loved her passion for the American dream.

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