Technically, it’s all research

I suppose it could be called research.  It could be said that I actually am working (a voice class is in motion) and I DO have research to do.   I think, really, I should congratulated for not getting online every morning to look up all these little things, like what are the categories of James Beard awards? And what are some Russian surnames (I settled on Nadirov) and how much does it cost to buy flatware in bulk (varies widely).

The trouble is, as I look those things up, I end up following threads to other places: there’s a site   where you can take tests as if you were a chef. I took some.  In looking for a recipe for something else, I found a delicious recipe for Almond Cornmeal Cake.  Three of them, actually.

Yesterday I had lunch at the Sonterra Grill to meet an aspiringUtevalleypark writer.  The food was fantastic, and I ended up making arrangements to interview the chef.  Then, because I have been cooking and eating so much, I hiked in one of my favorite spots, Ute Valley Park.  I also lifted weights when I got home. Then I was really hungry from all that exercise and made a fruit bread with pecans.  It was supposed to be banana bread, but there wasn’t enough mashed banana, so I used a cup of my mother’s peach-pineapple preserves mixed with plain vanilla yogurt.  Moist and fragrant. 

Oh, and here is the picture for the week:  the meadow at Ute Valley Park, which is surrounded by houses and two busy streets, but you’d never know.  Deer and coyotes and magpies live here. It’s very quiet, rocky and hilly, a good workout, and my favorite walk, but not by myself in hot months, since I’m afraid of freaking out over rattlesnakes. (This is a cell phone picture, so forgive the quality.)

2 thoughts on “Technically, it’s all research

  1. Gabrielle Luthy

    Peach-pineapple preserve?? I have a thing for anything pineapple ~ I even have pineapple body spray ~ and that sounds delish! And I tried the foie gras baguette and it was suuuuperb. Too full-on, though, to have more than once a year.

  2. Barbara

    Wow, I’m behind in here! G.–my mother makes amazing preserves and jams, also very good breads.

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