A world of detail

Rex_begoniaHere is the photo of the week.  It’s one leaf on a rex begonia that sits in the greenhouse window over my sink. 

I love begonias in general–they’re reliable and cheeful little house plants that bloom all winter. One wax begonia has not stopped blooming since I bought it over two years ago, and a favorite, a very tall cane begonia my mother and sisters and I call an angel wing tends to get big showy clusters of blossoms that fall all over the carpet in the early spring. There are the showy tuberose begonias to put on your porch in a shady spot and make you look fabulously talented.

But my favorites are the rexes.  The one in my kitchen was stuck on a table in a garden shop nearby, and snared me as I walked by, as startling and irresistibly gorgeous as a supermodel lounging at the local mall.  Check out the link above and check out "escargot"! Wow!)

They make me remember to slow down and take a closer look at things.  Our world is made up of amazing, tiny details.  The specific whorl of dark soft fur on a dog’s nose.  The ridges in my grandmother’s fingernails. The world contained in the heart of a flower, the layers of splendor on a bird’s wing.  And not just things to look at! Things to taste and smell and feel–the grain in a sweet white pear; the particular sharpness of nutmeg, the plain vanilla comfort of a low grain carpet against bare toes.  Mmmm!

What are three amazing details in your world right this minute?  Go!

2 thoughts on “A world of detail

  1. What I hear is the shower running, what I see in my mind is my 9-year-old making up fabulous songs and stories.

    What I smell is slightly scorched tortillas we toasted directly on the gas burner for dinner.

    What I feel is tight powdery skin on the insides of fingers typing this comment…need lotion, but more interested in reading blogs.

    Great idea! I’ll have to do this for myself on a regular basis.

    (And now I hear daughter two playing Hot Cross Buns on only the mouthpiece of her bassoon and daughter one yelling, “Shut up!”)

  2. Gabrielle

    3 amazing details in my world:

    1. the sweet, sweet breeze coming through the office window on this muggy morning

    2. the ficus on my desk that’s all but grown back after not being watered while I was on vacation

    3. the sounds coming from the street of parents and nanies walking children to school, the kids regaling them with stories that I can’t understand the content of but understand the context.

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