Real men love real women

Great post from a Gen Xer (who says they are Gen-Netters) on the state of women’s fashions:   Boycott Frump

Besides which, men don’t care. Honestly, they don’t. When you think about men
making jokes about some girl not looking hot enough, think about where you
remember hearing it. Ninety percent of the time, you heard it on television. Is
that how we’re judging reality now? By television? Please.

Real men love women. Love us. Every beautiful curvy inch of us. I
promise! So turn off the TV and go show off a little. That is, if you can find
anything sexy to wear.

I also love the banner of mountains.  Is that New Zealand, maybe?  I didn’t bother to try to find out.

PS obviously lots of real men are *gay*….I just thought curvy women might enjoy reading this post

2 thoughts on “Real men love real women

  1. I knew what you meant. Great post (and I really like Gen-netters).

    Cool on the books, too. Any books, all books, but yes, I like it when people look for mine.

  2. EM Sky

    Lol! I meant “real” in the sense of “not fictitious” and was certainly not intending any comment on gay men. Gay men love us too, of course, just not in the same way… 😉

    Thanks for picking up the post and for the kind words. I don’t know about the blog/sales experiment, but I’m going to go visit my local bookstore tomorrow specifically to look for your books. So I guess blogs do affect sales, at least to some degee. 🙂

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