Ladyluck2_1My usual webpage is down (again, for the second long stretch this summer….needless to say I’m changing hosts immediately) but I’m posting here:

LADY LUCK’S MAP OF VEGAS won the RITA!  I’ll post pics if I can get any.  Christopher Robin shot some, but the light was low and they’re blurry.   

Happily, the book was just released in paperback July 25.   You can order it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


  1. Donna Rowley

    Woohoo! Great News Barbara, and Congratulations!

  2. Ranurgis

    Big congratulations on your RITA win.

    I read the book last year and found it enthralling. I haven’t yet read all your books and I guess what’s partly responsible is that you changed names and then genres. Well, actually I haven’t read all your Ruth Wind books yet either. Is it posted somewhere for which books you won the RITAs? I saw a picture of you somewhere accepting the RITA and it turned out quite well if I remember correctly. That’s how I found out about your win.

    I’m also still trying to find some of your books for my collection and this win makes it even more enticing for me to get all of them.

  3. Ranurgis

    Oops. I read two of your postings and thought this bit was on the other one.

    When you say that VEGAS is out in paperback, it looks as if it’s trade-size. Have any of your contemporary Samuel books been issued in mass market paperback? That’s the only size that I really have room for or can afford.

  4. Barbara

    It is trade size paperback, actually. Only A PIECE OF HEAVEN was published in a mass market size. It’s thought that books of this nature (women’s journeys) sell more prolifically in trade.

    Also, IN THE MIDNIGHT RAIN, though written as Ruth Wind, is a big contemporary that was published in mass market format.

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