Showing up

Pretty sure I’ve posted a blog that says more or less this same thing at least 63 times, but it’s worth saying again. I get more work done, more good pages, more excellent rewriting done when I actually put myself in the chair during my most productive hours (8 am to 12 pm) and…uh…work. It […]

Shrinking Violets

I’ve been on vacation in Michigan and will be headed out to the annual RWA conference in five days, so posts have been sparse.  I do have stories for you, and pics, and love (as ever), but tonight’s simple post is a link to a great website I think you’ll love, Shrinking Violets: Run […]

Shifting economies

My friend Sonia is writing a very intelligent blog you must read if you are interested at all in communication in the new era.   Her post, What a Toddler Can Teach You About Success made me start thinking again about the changing publishing economy and where I fit within it.  How do you continue to have a […]