Guest blogs elsewhere

I’ve been recovering from all the back and forthing, and doing copy edits for my next book, THE SECRET OF EVERYTHING, which will be out at the end of December, and sleeping, and watching movies.  Also have guest blogged twice in the past week.  At WRITER UNBOXED, I blogged about how to get yourselve moving […]

Philly Inquirer’s “Foodie Beach Reads”

Happy to report The Lost Recipe For Happiness made the list.    In: Beach reads for foodies; A menu of summer treats to sate your literary hunger, Dianna Marder writes: “The perfect foodie beach bag contains prime kitchen lit: books on food history, essays on sustainability, food-centric fiction (call it foodtion), and sentimental food memoirs, or […]

Grilled lemon slices

I’m sure everyone in the world has thought of doing this but me–but you know how it is when you discover something stunningly simple and delicious:   Hey-sanna, Ho-sanna, Sanna-sanna hey!*  I’ve been grilling lemons with chicken breasts and it is amazingly delcious. And easy.  Chicken breasts with Grilled Lemons and Sauteed Spinach Serves 4 Olive […]

The heady alchemy of baking bread

It’s a cold winter afternoon, the kind when winter blisters past the windows, turning everything blue.  Inside, I am kneading bread.  Not in a bread machine but with my own palms and wrists.  The dough is whole wheat, heavy and thick, and it takes muscle to punch it down, to knead and fold and press, […]