Rave Review

This kind of review is why writers stick with it. Thanks, Puppitypup. from Amazon 5.0 out of 5 starsFiction/Romance – So Much Deeper than I Expected By puppitypup The Lost Recipe for Happiness. I was blown away by this novel. Somehow I was expecting lighthearted, chick-lit fluff. What I got was story that broke my […]

Honoring those who walked with us….

One of the most astonishing sights I have ever seen was a graveyard high on a moody mountaintop in Truchas, New Mexico.  It was the 5th of November, and the entire cemetery exploded with marigolds and pinwheels, with fresh toys and garlands made of red tinsel.  Clouds hung close over the moutains, intensifying all the […]

The Lost Art of Family Dinners

When I was a child, we ate dinner together nearly every night. I did not necessarily love the whole ritual, especially when my mother made hamburger pie, covered with mashed potatoes, or when I was in trouble for one thing or another (which was a lot), but I can see from this angle that it […]

An excellent review and interview

The Gazette Telegraph’s book columnist had some lovely things to say about The Lost Recipe For Happiness: http://anitalaydonmiller.blogspot.com/ I should add that she most graciously interviewed me and read my book open-mindedly even though I accidentally blindsided her in a blog I wrote for RTB.  Thanks, Anita.  A lady and a scholar.  

The Full Catastrophe

I really really loved this review.  From an Adelaide publication.  (Newsletter, maybe?)   http://www.galaxyguides.com/newsletters/newsletter8_1.09.html#lostrecipe My favorite part is that she quoted Zorba.  One of my favorite movies of all time.  (When I was pregnant, my fabulous sister took me to the play, and Anthony Quinn was playing his signature role. )  Anyway…..  THE LOST RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS […]

Roasting chiles

                  photo of chiles by Sarah Serendipity A reader of The Lost Recipe for Happiness wrote to me and said, “Those of us without knowledge of the southwest US and its foods might have liked a little more instruction on how to roast chiles.”  A good point. […]

Did Joan wash her hands at the same sink?

Joan Didion, the celebrated writer, went to Columbia Elementary School for awhile. The old building, made of red sandstone (as well as I can recollect), not the modern version that occupies the lot these days. I have been drunkenly reading her work, admiring the western cleanness, the spare and unsentimental way she captures the world, […]