Release day!

HOW TO BAKE A PERFECT LIFE by Barbara O’Neal Available TODAY in trade paperback from your local retailer, or these on-line venues Also available as an ebook for Kindle, and Nook and other formats. READ MORE ABOUT IT A lovely review from Publisher’s Weekly How to Bake a Perfect Life Barbara O’Neal, Bantam, $15 trade […]

The Deconstruction of Fish & Chips

At CR’s urging, I decided to give the deconstruction of fish & chips a try.  (For background on the Top Chef deconstruction challenge, read about it here.) My challenge was to create a dish that would deconstruct fish & chips and end up tasting like the original.  Since the only ingredients in the traditional offering are […]

Slow cooked apple butter

                                                                             I actually thought I’d posted this recipe already, but I must have posted it on a private loop somewhere. As promised on Twitter: the recipe I’ve been following for slow-cooked apple butter. It’s a joy to make because it fills the house with its heady fragrance for hours and hours and hours.  Easy, too, […]