At last! More blogs.

I had a letter this morning from a reader of this blog, wondering if it had been discontinued. In fact, the exact opposite is true–I’ve given up blogging elsewhere (except for Writer Unboxed once a month) to bring my focus back here. My web mistress is busy behind the scenes doing a facelift and I’ve […]

Life Returns

Another photo & essay about the Waldo Canyon Fire (Read the first one, about the explosion of the firestorm)  My friend Brenda lives in the middle of the Mountain Shadows burn area. Her home survived, but her daughter’s burned to the ground just one block south. We were chatting Sunday about the daughter’s children drawing […]

A Sunday with the aspens

CR and I went for a long Sunday drive in the mountains today.  We took a picnic of sushi and pears and Izze, which a Stellar’s jay tried to enjoy with us.  We looped up to Florissant, then into Cripple Creek.   Maybe not exactly color as in the North East, but we have other consolations.

A June Morning

  Chive blossoms are such a beautiful color.  My mother used to make chive blossom vinegar and set the jars along the window sill.  A dazzlement.  This morning, to celebrate the sunshine, I made some too.  And put it in my window.

Practicing beauty

It seemed like I spent way too much time at this Internet computer last week.  Don’t get me wrong: the Internet is a valuable, interesting place and for an isolated writer, the most glorious communication tool ever invented.  However, I can find myself wasting time, and not productively wasting time, either (like Facebook quizes, which […]

Sunday and a random beauty

This is the first day I’ve had off in….well, I honestly can’t remember the last one.   I went to Denver, met HB for lunch and caught up on things, wandered around the Tattered  Cover and shot photos, then came home and uploaded several weeks of daily shots.  I haven’t edited all of them, but you […]

Australian photo tour now up on Flickr

Internet access–and time–became severely limited the final week of our long, insanely wonderful Aussie tour.   Since last Sunday, I have been on six flights, covering thousands of kilometers, visited the Outback, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney, and now I’m typing this from my own laptop while I await Flickr to upload the photos […]