The Deconstruction of Fish & Chips

At CR’s urging, I decided to give the deconstruction of fish & chips a try.  (For background on the Top Chef deconstruction challenge, read about it here.) My challenge was to create a dish that would deconstruct fish & chips and end up tasting like the original.  Since the only ingredients in the traditional offering are […]

A June Morning

  Chive blossoms are such a beautiful color.  My mother used to make chive blossom vinegar and set the jars along the window sill.  A dazzlement.  This morning, to celebrate the sunshine, I made some too.  And put it in my window.

Grilled lemon slices

I’m sure everyone in the world has thought of doing this but me–but you know how it is when you discover something stunningly simple and delicious:   Hey-sanna, Ho-sanna, Sanna-sanna hey!*  I’ve been grilling lemons with chicken breasts and it is amazingly delcious. And easy.  Chicken breasts with Grilled Lemons and Sauteed Spinach Serves 4 Olive […]

The heady alchemy of baking bread

It’s a cold winter afternoon, the kind when winter blisters past the windows, turning everything blue.  Inside, I am kneading bread.  Not in a bread machine but with my own palms and wrists.  The dough is whole wheat, heavy and thick, and it takes muscle to punch it down, to knead and fold and press, […]