Rituals of Spring

The other day, I bought some tulips at the grocery store.  It was a gloomy day, threatening snow, and they just looked so appealing in their buckets that I gathered up two bouquets and brought them home. As I was settling them in a vase, a bucket of indirect light poured through the window and […]

Photo of the day

  Gifts of summer: Peaches, green beans and a ghost Around here, we’ve been mellow.  Haven’t gone back yet to my usual schedule–the girls and 20 great things about summer It is nearly ten pm and it is still very hot here in my house.  Summer rituals When I was a tween, my grandmother lived […]

A dahlia for Friday

In HOW TO BAKE A PERFECT LIFE, there is a young girl who falls madly in love with dahlias.   Somehow, I am in love with dahlias, too, and this one is growing in my front yard. It makes me want to go exploring. Photo of the day   Strawberries and diamonds X 2   […]

Magic globe

I visited a pair of book clubs in Woodland Park on Tuesday night, and they gave me a gorgeous lavender plant.  I had it in the sink to water and noticed the reflection.  It looks as if there is another world inside that reflection, doesn’t it? I have now packed the book off to my […]