Guest blogs elsewhere

I’ve been recovering from all the back and forthing, and doing copy edits for my next book, THE SECRET OF EVERYTHING, which will be out at the end of December, and sleeping, and watching movies.  Also have guest blogged twice in the past week.  At WRITER UNBOXED, I blogged about how to get yourselve moving […]

Shrinking Violets

I’ve been on vacation in Michigan and will be headed out to the annual RWA conference in five days, so posts have been sparse.  I do have stories for you, and pics, and love (as ever), but tonight’s simple post is a link to a great website I think you’ll love, Shrinking Violets: Run […]

Plotting blog and “Magic” class

Two things this morning:  #1  Posted a blog to Writer Unboxed this morning, Plotting for the Severely Right-Brained.  Might be helpful for some of you who have a brain like mine.  #2 Reclaiming the Magic class starts on Monday.  The published workshop is nearly full (one spot left), but there is plenty of room in the […]

Guest blogging in two places today

Just worked out like that.  My regular monthly blog on The Pleasure and Pain of Writing Foodie Novels at Writer Unboxed. And a piece on True Love (or rather, my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary) at Romancing the Blog. Curing the Crankies I am a grouch this morning. There’s no other word for it. I didn’t sleep […]


From Blogged: Find Better Blogs  A Writer Afoot   I assume readers here must have nominated it, so thank you very much. Saying No to Say Yes Ah, I’ve been in my writing cave again and haven’t been blogging here at A Boot Camp For Writers Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference, August 15 – 17, […]