I actually wrote this yesterday, Tuesday, but somehow put it in my drafts folder instead of the published folder.   Today is better still, after a massage yesterday afternoon (ouch!) Also, a link to a few more photos from the walk.  Yesterday, I was pleased  to realize my body felt okay.   A little weary, but that’s […]

Training log, avon walk

Miles today: 16 Miles this week:  34 Ipod on shuffle, and heard things I didn’t even know were on there. Feet are sore tonight for no reason I can name, except maybe just being on them a lot.   I ran out of water for the first time ever.  And I saw a lilac bush […]

Showing up, showing up, showing up

It’s already Wednesday and I haven’t posted the training log from the weekend. Here it is, because I promised myself I would post it every week, to be true to the process of observation and training. Training log for last week: Truth: I took Saturday off because I was tired and sick of having something […]

29 miles this week

A little late getting my log up this week.  Really busy day yesterday.   Finally managed to get two, back-to-back long walks in, one Saturday at 12 miles, one Sunday at around 6, a good hard climbing hike with my friend Renate.   We haven’t been able to hike much this winter and it was fantastic. The Saturday walk allowed […]

15 miles is so much longer than 13

Long walk day.  Almost five hours, including one small rest to eat an English muffin spread with Marmite and take off my socks for a few minutes.    I am somehow so much more tired than I was last week–it seems impossible it was only two miles more than last week’s walk. Discovery: eating on […]

Walking meditation

Santa Fe Tail in Colorado Springs. Cell phone photo. I finally got out for a long training walk yesterday. 12 (or so) miles on the Santa Fe Trail, which runs in a ribbon between the railroad tracks and a fast-running creek. Ravens and blue jays were having skirmishes over best nesting locations. The sun was […]