Kangaroos and roast pumpkin pizza!

Writing from a clean and ordinary internet cafe two stops down from a backpacker cafe not far from the Flint Street station in Melbourne.  Haven’t had a chance to upload any of my own photos, but this one was taken last night from the Soul Mama Cafe on the bay in St Kilda–Mel, Freya, Chris, […]

Cherry chocolate and vegemite

In the moment, I am sitting in the business center of the Langham Hotel in Melbourne.  Out in the lobby, someone is playing gliding piano music, and I can faintly hear the rush of the many fountains that divide the marble staircases.  Very elegant place, and very down to earth. Two little food reports.  The […]

Where expectation is still pure

Two days to go before I leave for Australia. What are my goals? What are my expectations? Goals: To take great photos. To look for those excellent, beautiful, telling things that will illuminate the experience for me, and for you. To be like a sponge, wide open and without judgment, and absorb absolutely everything for […]

Australia Countdown

16 days til I leave for Australia.   This week, I found rooms for our remaining jaunts–to Cairns (how is this pronounced, my Aussie friends? ) and Sydney.  Which I then changed because I met a man who played the didgereedo and he said to go to the Rocks neighborhood. One of the great pleasures of […]