Lost Recipe arrives today in Australia

     The Lost Recipe for Happiness debuts in Australia today (February 1).  I just heard that it’s on the cover of Good Reading magazine, and  I’m absolutely delighted by the wonderful reviews I’ve been getting from Down Under.  Meanwhile, the US edition is going to a 5th printing next week.  (This is me falling over […]

Australian cover change

The Australian cover has changed to this: Again, quite a different take on the same book.   I love how many different ways there are to interpret a story!  What do you think? Rave Review This kind of review is why writers stick with it. Thanks, Puppitypup. from Amazon 5.0 Honoring those who walked with us…. […]

Australia Wrap Up

I posed some expectations and questions about Australia before I left.  Now that roar of travel has settled back into normal life, I can take a look from this side.  How were my expectations met or not, shifted or not?  With travel, there are the things you think you know, and the things you don’t […]

Australian photo tour now up on Flickr

Internet access–and time–became severely limited the final week of our long, insanely wonderful Aussie tour.   Since last Sunday, I have been on six flights, covering thousands of kilometers, visited the Outback, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney, and now I’m typing this from my own laptop while I await Flickr to upload the photos […]

Tasmanian Devils

P1000710 Originally uploaded by A writer afoot Since I can’t figure out any other way to do it, and I’m stuck waiting for a plane out of Ayers Rock, here’s the photo that should go with the Devils post. Saying No to Say Yes Ah, I’ve been in my writing cave again and haven’t been […]

Darling little devils

One more note on Tassie: we saw the famed Tasmanian Devils.   Check out these adorable little faces: They were waiting for lunch, which was hunks of wallabee (fur still attached) and furry little baby chickens.   Watching them eat, you suddenly understand the Walt Disney Tasmanian Devil, swirling around in that whirlwind, all flying […]

Tall, tall trees

It occurs to me that I still have not posted anything about trees.  It is well known that i have a bit of a tree fetish, given that I was raised in place where we have three varieties.  Pines, aspens, and cottonwoods.  Very nice trees, of course, but still only three.  (Okay, there are elms, […]

Red boat

Back from the hike, and I think I might finally have figured out how to upload photos, though not how to edit the size.  So here is one I took last evening: Most of the photos are still on my camera, but I’ll be adding them to Flickr as we go.    1 day till […]