New Zealand by the Numbers

NUMBERS FROM NEW ZEALAND Posted from Rotorua Never have as much time to blog as I imagine I will. I have blogs in process, but haven’t had a chance to pull them together. Look for a post on the earthquake damage in Christchurch, on traveling in a place apparently sort of like your own, and […]

Three Reader Favorites now available!

Three of my most beloved novels from my contemporary romance days are now available in ebook format. The Last Chance Ranch  Amazon Kindle Barnes and Noble Nook Smashwords A full length contemporary romance. Weary and battered after a stint in prison for killing her abusive husband, Tanya has been dreaming of the day she could […]

In the Rain

I’m warmly ensconced at an Italian restaurant in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I came t0 town to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak and do some focused work away from the distractions at home. But after three days of my own company, I had to get out of the hotel. It’s pouring rain, which means I am the […]

15 miles is so much longer than 13

Long walk day.  Almost five hours, including one small rest to eat an English muffin spread with Marmite and take off my socks for a few minutes.    I am somehow so much more tired than I was last week–it seems impossible it was only two miles more than last week’s walk. Discovery: eating on […]