Go Ahead, Be Terrible

One of the hardest things about starting a new book is the awfulness of it. I’m there now, at the beginning, no longer thinking about the book or making notes or even writing long backstory and character pieces—which is actually one of the most fun parts of writing. If it was only that part, I would be the happiest writer in the world.

Instead, I’m actually starting to write the thing, in scenes, with characters talking and moving and all that.

This is the point of ruination. I’ve talked about this before—every book is perfect before I must try to bring it into the world. They live in some other place, in the Land of Books Waiting to Be Written, and some are mine to write and some are yours and some are still waiting for their person to get busy and bring it over into the Land of Books That Can Be Read.

As I try to bring my book over the wall into this world, I ruin it, almost from the first word.

I am in the very last week of writing the very last book of the
I am a grouch this morning. There’s no other word for it. I didn’t sleep
As part of rehab for my brand-new bionic knee, a physical therapist comes to my
All creative people devise ways to communicate with the mysterious place where ideas come from.
Have been scarce finishing the new book, attending to the wedding of my younger son,