What I Love 3/365: The Smell of Cat Fur

Looking for a cuddle
Looking for a cuddle

One of the great things about living with cats is that moment when one of them comes in from outside and wants some attention and leaps up on a lap or the bed or a sink while you’re washing your hands and head butts you and you bend over and bury your nose in their fur, that thick soft place right over her shoulder blades. It is one of the freshest, sweetest scents in the universe, made of sunshine and breezes and the brush of cosmo leaves and the thorough attentions of both this cat and her compatriots who must spend approximately twenty-two of of every twenty-four hours on grooming themselves and each other.


One thought on “What I Love 3/365: The Smell of Cat Fur

  1. Debbie

    I can’t believe no one has commented on this!
    Well, I will!
    Cats are one of my favorite things for sure!
    I read an article years ago that has stuck with me -“The Girl Who Loves Cats & Flowers”.
    Although I am no longer a girl, this is how I still think of myself at times.
    I love the purrs, the head butts, the annoyed tail slapping, and the sweet & yowly meows of my two cats. Every now & then I am amused to see my 12 year old cat chasing his tail like a kitten!
    I love my dog dearly too, but my cats hold a warm & contented place in my heart!
    I am going to have to try burying my nose in the soft fur over their shoulder blades, as you mentioned. I think one of your books mentioned threading your dog’s ear through your fingers, like you do with the silky edge of a baby blanket. I had never done this, but tried it. To this day, it relaxes both my dog, my cats, & myself – something I learned from you!
    Thank you!

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