At last! More blogs.

I had a letter this morning from a reader of this blog, wondering if it had been discontinued. In fact, the exact opposite is true–I’ve given up blogging elsewhere (except for Writer Unboxed once a month) to bring my focus back here. My web mistress is busy behind the scenes doing a facelift and I’ve made a promise to myself to write at minimum 52 blogs here this year. For me, it’s a pleasure and a discipline. I love sharing my everyday observations on writing, books, food, and life with you. I hope we’ll be able to start the conversations up again.

Today I am forced to decorate my Christmas tree, so I have only this to share, a photo of some satsumas I shot this morning. In fact, I saw them in their little bag at Whole Foods yesterday and knew how pretty they would be in this very bowl, and that was the whole reason for buying them.


Come back soon!


4 thoughts on “At last! More blogs.

  1. Melina

    Yahoo, you’re back!

  2. Thanks to you.

  3. Revana

    I can not remember ever being more touched by a book than I have been by Night of Fire. Thank you. I felt as if a vivid landscape of emotions enveloped me with the turning of each page. You are a gifted writer.

    • Barbara Samuel

      What a beautiful post. Thank you.

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