A dog, a ball, and a lake


My brother had a dog named Loki, a black springer spaniel mutt, who loved the water and loved chasing balls. If you combined the two, say a lake and a 1012181_481787078578553_1501958219_nball, he would chase that baby for hours.  Hours.  Until his legs were shaking. Until the sun was setting. Until my brother had to leash him to make him stop.

That’s what exercise should feel like.  Believe it or not, there is an exercise out there that will feel that good to you. Our bodies were designed to move and every single one of us has something that will feel like that spaniel and the ball in the lake

As I’ve said before, I was the anti-PE girl.  And I’m still so uncoordinated that I wouldn’t dare pick up a tennis racket or try to throw a baseball. But this afternoon, I headed out to the garden.  I kept thinking I should go swimming because I’ve been doing it a lot and my massage therapist said that my back looks great, and many of us are headed out to the national RWA conference next week, so I wanted something to keep looking good. Calves and back, that’s what I’ve got. (And forearms, baby. Let me flex my forearms for you sometime. Please?) Everything else is showing its age.

What I did instead of swim was drift out to the garden.  READ MORE  >>>>>

4 thoughts on “A dog, a ball, and a lake

  1. Going over there to read and comment.

  2. certainly!i agree you.Thanks!

  3. Aunt Lisa

    I have always lived to dance — and danced to live. But that fell away.

    I used to love being in the water, but swimming fell away, too.

    The peace of meditation has been with me most of my adult life. But it’s not physical.

    Then I “accidentally” found Ai Chi. It was like dancing in water invoking a waking meditative state. I do it most day. I’m training to be a leader.

    Who’d a thought, at my age (67) that I’d find a new love.

  4. Barbara Samuel

    I love it that you found a new love!

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