The end of one cycle…the beginning of the next

We are working on a new title for my next book. I’m nearly finished with the copy edits, and cover discussions have begun.  That means it’s time for me to think about what’s next.

I’ve started working on ideas for new books. This is–by far–the most enjoyable stage of the process until I have a finished book to hold in my hands, and one of the pleasures is in building collages.  Tonight, I’ve been leafing through some of my favorites, tearing out pictures and simply enjoying the quiet, restful pleasure of looking at beautiful photos, leafing through magazines, letting images and ideas rise.

One of my favorites, Artful Blogging, actually provided the seed for the new book.  In its pages, I read story after story of women whose lives had been transformed by the act of starting and keeping up with a blog.  Some were artists, some chefs or bakers, some quilters or photographers, but over and over again, they said the same thing: “Blogging changed my life.”

I kept wondering what that would be like, to live somewhere isolated, and decide to begin this journey.  And what might my character discover? And where would it take her? And so the book was born, four food bloggers who support and encourage each other, and finally meet on the blue moon at a lavender farm….

Anyway, tonight I was leafing through all these beautiful magazines and thought of all of you. If you have not ever picked up‘s artful magazines, I hearby order you to go look around the site and click through a few.  And remember that little things can change your life, too.

Do you collage or quilt or make art in some way? Do you have favorite art blogs to share with us? 

6 thoughts on “The end of one cycle…the beginning of the next

  1. I write pose and poetry and I blog. I usually collage books. That’s about as creative as I get.
    The new book sounds like something I’m definitely going to enjoy!
    Thanks for sharing your process.

  2. PS – I forgot to say I like to look at this blog:

    It’s mostly in French and I don’t speak or read French – but it’s pretty.

  3. The blogging world is amazing. There are so many communities and groups. I’ve made many friends through blogging, that I have never met in person. Yet. Can’t wait to read your new book!

  4. I actually squealed when I read that you read Artful Blogging. It’s my second favorite art magazine, very close behind Art Journaling, also by Somerset Studio. Looking through the pages of both, I can melt into the images and get the stories behind them even before reading the accompanying words; the stories called from my own mind as well as the ones the writer/artist intended to tell.

  5. Isn’t it amazing, Anna? I’ve only recently discovered Art Journaling, but all work by Somerset is great.

  6. Gaylin

    I do sew, do paper art and a few other things. Right now my art would be baking. I even bake things and give them away without taste testing them – confident in my ‘art’!

    I love the blog Epbot for its embracing attitude and her and her husbands craft and art projects, really cool.

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