Antioch Writing Institute, Audible Books, and finally….turned in the new book!

A handful of news updates this freezing Friday February morning.



—The first is that I’ve finished revisions for my next women’s fiction book, The Flavor of a Blue Moon, which will be out from Bantam some time next spring. (Sorry–it was research intensive, four food bloggers who gather at an organic lavender farm–I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.)

—I’ve solicited some reads on The Mirror Girl, the project I blogged a year ago, and the response is overwhelmingly enthusiastic. I’ll be making another pass through it, then sending it off into the world  Hope to have news of that for you soon.

—Audio: lots of books are going up in audio, both backlist and frontlist, so if you’ve missed one, keep checking back.  I’m waiting for approval on A Bed of Spices, and will run a special promotion (because it is particularly beautiful!).  Recent new additions to the catalogue are some special reads on The Sleeping Night, Walk in Beauty, The Last Chance Ranch, and one of my favorites, Light of Day.   Check out the growing list here. Nearly all of my books have been contracted or are in production. I have had so many emails asking, so this is very good news!


—I’ll be teaching this summer in Santa Barbara, at the Antioch Summer Writing Institute in Santa Barbara. The week-long immersion will focus on Writing Commercial Fiction. Space is limited.   READ MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM>>>

—After many many inquiries over the past few months, I have decided to offer my six-week voice class twice this year, in April and in August.  I’ll post an official announcement soon, but if you are interested, email me at awriterafoot @ with the subject line VOICE CLASS.   As always, there will be two scholarships per section offered, to be drawn randomly (so you don’t have to qualify).  Places are VERY limited.

Check back for more on that next week.

Now, I’m off to scribble some more on a juicy piece I’m writing for Lunch Hour Love Stories.  It will be available mid-March.

Stay warm!



2 thoughts on “Antioch Writing Institute, Audible Books, and finally….turned in the new book!

  1. The Flavor of a Blue Moon sounds fascinating.
    One of these days I need to sit down and work out what I’ve read and what I’ve missed of your work. I keep hearing you talk about books and thinking – I haven’t read that one.
    Can’t wait for your Lunch Hour Love Story. Anne Stuart’s was so good and so her!

  2. Without any argument, everyone needs to agree this time.

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