An Award for the Blog!

This arrived today, an award from, which recognized 25 top sites for writers and English buffs.  I’m quite honored!

I will figure out how to get it in the right place when the current book-in-progress is finished.  Two weeks to deadline…eek.

Also check back for a post on my trip to Ithaca, leaving on the last plane out before the hurricane…..

4 thoughts on “An Award for the Blog!

  1. stephanie


  2. Rochelle

    Congrats! What a nice award.

  3. Whoa! You have a knack for flying just before disasters strike NYC. First 9/11, now Sandy! I mean it’s not like you fly all the time, though certainly disaster doesn’t strike the city every time you fly.

  4. I know, kinda weird, right? I thought of that, too. Got home hours before 9/11 and Sandy.

    But I do fly in and out of NY a lot, so…I guess sometimes chance strikes?

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