Ready, set….READ!

Ambling around the internet this morning, I found this challenge from Book Chick City:

Since I’m often setting goals like “go to the gym seven hundred times a week,” the idea of reading a hundred books of FICTION in a year sounds like a dream.  I bet you read that much most of the time anyway.  I know I do.

It seems a luxurious delight  worthy challenge for our insanely readerly selves. I signed up. Maybe you’ll want to join me. Click the icon.


Also, speaking of reading: The OtherLand Chronicles, the serial urban fantasy/YA/? I started for NaNoWriMo,  is still in progress.  Just started Chapter Nine this morning.  Posting M-W-F through December.  Having so much fun it’s just sinful.  😉

To start at the beginning, go here:

7 thoughts on “Ready, set….READ!

  1. aida alberto

    I joined the 100 books in a year. I was just thinking the other day that I want to do something like this because I read so much and I’ve never kept track of how many books I do read. I’m going to keep my own notebook and every time I buy and read a book and see how many I am reading. Going to start that January 1st. Already have a book picked out to start the new year. I usually read between 3-4 books a week depending on what I’ve got going on and how long they are.

  2. I just completed my goal of 100 books for the Good Reads 2011 Reading Challenge. In fact, I currently on book 102. I read 104 last year, only 84 the year before. I will probably try for 100 again in 2012.

  3. Barbara

    Hooray, Heather! That’s terrific.

    Aida, I love keeping track like that. I started last year and got distracted.

  4. Herwarth

    Good website. I love it.

  5. I joined the Goodreads challenge this year and so far have 115 books read, I am hoping to squeeze 10 more in before the end of the year.

    I will probably join again next year too.

  6. Right now I’ve set up my own JenRidReadMo (Jenny’s Ridiculous Reading Month) so that I can finish reading the 100 I set for myself back in January…the 100 that I had to knock down to 80. So, 80 books, here I come!

    Angela – did you know that Goodreads gives you a badge? I’m sillily (is that a word?) excited to hit my goal. It’s the little things….

  7. TaraL

    I started keeping a list of the books I read several years ago. I’d seen other readers commenting on how many books they read and in what genres and I realized that I could SWAG those numbers but that I really didn’t know what all I was reading.

    Now I have a better idea of what types of books I’m reading. It’s just a list, but it’s also like a diary. I can see which books get the most re-reading, which new-to-me authors I found and glommed, different genre-reading phases I go through, how my reading speeds up or slows down depending on what I’m reading and when. It’s interesting to see how fast I go through the fiction that I love, how much slower I read the not-so-great fiction and, oddly, that some of the non-fiction I love the most gets the slowest reading. Every interesting tidbit seems to send my mind wandering off to make up a story about it or I go running to the computer to learn more about it.

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