Honoring those who walked with us….

One of the most astonishing sights I have ever seen was a graveyard high on a moody mountaintop in Truchas, New Mexico.  It was the 5th of November, and the entire cemetery exploded with marigolds and pinwheels, with fresh toys and garlands made of red tinsel.  Clouds hung close over the moutains, intensifying all the colors, and I cried out, “Stop the car! Stop!”

We were alone, with a sullen little village in the distance, and barely one car an hour passing by, so we let ourselves in through the gate and wandered through the carnival of celebration—bits of food still on a plate, pictures, and plastic flowers and everywhere the marigolds, bright orange, and pink tissue paper wrapping posts and tied to flags.  All of it flapping in the wind blowing across the mountaintop.  READ MORE at the Goddess Blogs….

Who would you honor on a day of the dead altar? Come tell us.

Also, a soup recipe from The Lost Recipe for Happiness that would be appropriate for such a celebration: http://www.barbaraoneal.com/extras/recipes/abuela-maria-elenas-posole/

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