Heart of a Knight #1




For the past several days, Heart of a Knight has been bouncing in and out of the #1 spot historical romance spot at Amazon Kindle. Stephanie Laurens knocked me out for a day (curse her superstardom and brilliance  😉 ) but Dark Thomas bounced back up again to #1 tonight.


Again I have to give a shout-out to my cousin Sharon Schlicht, who designed the extraordinary cover (and, well, did everything else related to getting it up in ebook form).



5 thoughts on “Heart of a Knight #1

  1. I have been so happy to see this! For a while my book was right behind you at number two! But then I raised the price . . .

    It’s so lovely to see your backlist get this recognition. I loved all these books and have them in paperback.

  2. Barbara

    I saw you, Gina! And yours is still doing quite well!

  3. I’d read The Lost Recipe for Happiness several years ago and enjoyed it, so when my friend and fellow URWA member RaeAnne Thayne mentioned on Facebook that several of your backlist were on available for Kindle, and on sale, I jumped in and purchased Heart of a Knight.

    I finished it this morning, and I have to admit, I’m not much of a historical fan, but I enjoyed Heart of a Knight and plan on another Kindle purchase today. Thank you for writing such engaging characters.

  4. Barbara Samuel

    Lisa, so glad you enjoyed Heart of a Knight!

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