5 Dos and a Do-over at Chick Lit is Not Dead

Join me over at Chick Lit is Not Dead for a special blog and a chance to win a free book.

1. Take a chance on something that seems impossible. Write a novel, maybe, or throw your heart into a crumbling old house and try to save it from the wrecking ball. When my boys were small and we were poor, I fell in love with an old house down the street. It was empty, maybe abandoned, and I could see into the light falling across the stairway, and upstairs was a big room with a bay window beneath the high pointed eaves. Every morning, I walked by and it whispered to me. Somehow, with no money whatsoever, we ended up buying it and spending years and years renovating one thing and then another. There was a ghost in the garden, who befriended my cats, and it was her ancient globe lilies and giant roses that grew out of the rock hard dirt in the backyard. (I am convinced she is the one who called me to save her house.) My children grew up with torn up floors and ancient bathrooms and sheetrock tape, the two of them crammed together in one bedroom so I could have the tiny office downstairs for work. It was a house of great love, and although it never became This Old House, all gleaming and perfectly restored, we saved it from the wrecking ball. READ THE REST….

3 thoughts on “5 Dos and a Do-over at Chick Lit is Not Dead

  1. I read the whole thing over at Chick Lit is Not Dead and just wanted to let you know that it’s gorgeous. Just like everything you write. =)

  2. Thank you, Jenny. 🙂

  3. I’m new to your blog, but I really loved this post. I adore the sound of “How to Bake a Perfect Life”; you can never have enough food in books, I say! 🙂

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