LUCIEN’S FALL now available as an ebook

Cover art by Sharon Schlicht

Add another to the list…this is so exciting for me!  I loved writing these books and it’s really wonderful to discover that I still love them.  LUCIEN’S FALL was a bit of a breakout book, my third historical romance.

It was becoming clear to me that medievals did not sell as well as other eras, but I couldn’t see myself writing Regency, which is mannerly in the extreme and had too many VERY picky fans who would know if I got even a fork out of place.  While I’m quite serious about research (and in fact it is one of the best parts of the job), that didn’t appeal.  So, one day on the old GEnie RomEx network, I was moaning about this problem…what era could I try that would be right for me? The delightful Jo Beverley, always such a genius in these things, said, “Why not Georgian? It would suit.”

It turned out to be a very good fit. The book earned an entirely new group of readers. I ended up doing three books set in the era, and did enormous amounts of research to set up several more.  The first 2 books of the St. Ives series, The Black Angel and Night of Fire (which also have new covers…see right) are already up at Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords (for those of you who are buying the books outside the US and UK, especially).

Now I can add Lucien’s Fall to the list.  It is the tale of a tortured rake with absolutely no moral boundaries who is tortured by a tragic secret.  He meets Madeline at a house party in the country and is determined to make her a notch in his belt, but she’s been raised to understand the tricks of rakes, and besides, she has an ancestral estate to save.  You can read an excellent discussion of the book at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, one of the best discussions of any of my books ever, IMO.

Buy Lucien’s Fall at: Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords.  Only 99 cents for a limited time.

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14 thoughts on “LUCIEN’S FALL now available as an ebook

  1. Just got it added to my Kindle!

  2. Mel


  3. Elaine

    So I just discovered all three of these books (Lucien’s Fall, and the first two St. Ives) and devoured them all within a day. What wonderful books! I bet it’s been asked many times, but are there any plans to revisit the series?

  4. Barbara Samuel

    Elaine, I have *always* been disappointed that I could not finish the St. Ives series (I have six books mapped out!) and hope to get to the next book sometime this summer, now that the digital revolution has allowed me some control. Thanks for the feedback, and I’m DELIGHTED you enjoyed the books. Tell your friends! 🙂

  5. Elaine

    Oh wow! What great news! Can’t wait for more! In the meantime, I’m off to read all your other books 🙂 Thanks for what you do!

  6. Jessica

    Just read Lucien’s Fall… one of my favorite historicals. Its my first barbara samuel and I think I’m now hooked…does this particular story continue? Anyhow…I’m off to read more of your books!

  7. Just finished the St. Ives stories on my Kindle. Couldn’t put them down!

    I’ll add my voice to the hopes for future installments to this wonderful series (soon please). Can’t wait to discover the fates of the unmarried St. Ives children and the continuing stories of those who are.

  8. Rosalie

    I would agree! More St. Ives Please. I haven’t been able to do anything but read the last 2 days. They are brilliant, as well as Lucien’s Fall. But as you said, I saw the Medival books and turned to your other work. Pillars of Earth, although great, has turned me off to that time frame.

    • Barbara Samuel

      Rosalie, thanks for the vote! 🙂

      It’s so much fun to have you all reading these books!!!

    • Barbara Samuel

      Rosalie, what about the Pillars of the Earth turned you off the time period? I’m watching now and must admit that it makes me itch to plunge into medieval work again. I deeply, deeply love the time and would love to do more novels there.

      Anyone is welcome to reply. If you love or hate medieval times…why?

  9. Mary Bellomo

    I recently discovered “A Bed of Spices” thanks to the Kindle, I adored it, and it is now one of my favorite novels. I picked up Lucien’s Fall and the two St. Ives books, as well. I am thrilled to hear you plan to revisit the St. Ives series, and I am most eager to hear the rest of the siblings’ stories!

    • Barbara Samuel

      I’m really looking forward to digging back into this series myself, Mary. It is such a rich, compelling period of change and upheaval….much like our own.

  10. Denise McFadden

    Looking forward to the next St.Ives book. I devoured the first two in one day. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep. Could you give us a hint as to which sibling is coming next and when the possible release will be?

  11. I don’t write many comments, but after looking at a few of the remarks here LUCIEN’S FALL now available as an ebook A Writer Afoot. I actually do have 2 questions for you if you don’t mind. Could it be only me or do a few of the remarks come across like they are written by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are writing at additional sites, I would like to follow you. Would you make a list of the complete urls of your social pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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