February special: medieval romances only .99

In honor of the month of February and all things love, I will be offering both of my Kindle medieval romance novels for just .99 each.

A Bed of Spices was my first medieval.  It’s a Romeo and Juliet story, set against the thick forests and castles of medieval Germany,but don’t let that put you off.  It’s a highly romantic tale of discovery and honor and true love, and it seems just right for Valentine’s Day.  Er…sort of.  You’ll see what I mean.

Here is a review of the book, posted to Amazon by Susie Q:

“5.0 out of 5 stars This is that rare 5-star romance you’ve been looking for!

I can’t believe I haven’t submitted a review of this novel long before this time, as I’ve owned and loved this book for years.

A BED OF SPICES has all the elements I love in a romance novel: a forbidden love story, this time between the Christian heroine, Rica and the Jewish hero, Solomon (very rare to find a Jewish hero); well-drawn supporting characters; a medieval setting (Germany, 1348-1349 in the time of the Black Plague) and a fabulous blend of historical fact with romantic fiction. Although the story moves slowly, it’s really worth your while. You will remember Rica and Solomon’s story. If you love historical romance novels, you owe it to yourself to read this book. I often turn back to this novel to refresh myself as to what a historical romance OUGHT to be – creative, imaginative and tender.”

Read more reviews at Amazon,

It is a Desert Island Keeper at All About Romance, where the reviewer wrote:
“Finally, the fifth star would be for the beautiful language. It is clear and deceptively simple, but with an almost poetic quality. All the nuances of feeling, all the poignancy of the story are expressed perfectly, without a shade of purple prose. If a book has that much to offer, how can it not be a Desert Isle Keeper? A Bed of Spices is a little treasure, and I recommend it to anyone who would like to read something very special.”

Heart of a Knight , 1998 RITA award winner.

When Lord Thomas of Roxburgh arrives mysteriously at the abandoned castle and village of Lady Elizabeth D’Auvers, the villagers are relieved to at last have a champion and install the knight in the castle. When Elizabeth returns after a weary exile, she is astonish to find the lands and people thriving, thanks to the able command of the physically imposing and charming Lord Thomas.  Both attracted and wary of the knight, Elizabeth allows herself to be drawn into his realm, only to discover the dark secret that threatens them all is without hope…unless Dark Thomas can prove he is more knight than even the king of England.

“Ms. Samuel weaves a tale worthy of one of Lyssa’s tapestries. Not only does she write of love between men and women, but of the powerful friendships between the women and a man’s need to be free and respected. This is a powerful, stirring medieval romance. SENSUAL.”  –Romantic Times

Just in case you’re stuck inside this week….. 🙂

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  1. Gosh, Barbara! I didn’t know you’d written medievals. I’m not an eBook reader, but I’m excited to see that print copies are available from Amazon. I need to add them to my to-buy list.

  2. Osvaldo Millhiser

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