Finally back to work

Oh, yes–I remember. The book happens as I am writing it. All the thinking, all the planning, all the scene lists and character sketches and theme spiders and metaphorical illuminations are lovely. The brewing time is also good, and I need a lot of it.

But in the end, what I learn over and over and over and over again is that I actually write the book while I’m writing the book. I find out what’s really going to happen when my fingers are on the keyboard and I’m watching the scene unfold. THAT’S where the magic happens, when I finally let go and let the book have its way and I let it unfold as it wishes.

The girls in the basement are rolling their eyes. “Finally,” they’re saying. “She’s finally getting out of our way.”

It was a very good morning. I’m so glad to be back to work. Life always feels slightly off-kilter without my companions.

3 thoughts on “Finally back to work

  1. Yeah! Glad to hear it Barbara. I am so sorry I am not able to go to the book signing in Pueblo, but perhaps someday you might make your way to Wisconsin….*hint*…lol.

  2. Amen, Barb. AMEN!

  3. Absolutely, Barbara. So glad you’re back at it and the girls are happy. The Secret of Everything arrived via the man in the brown truck yesterday. Can’t wait to read it!

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