Deconstruction Challenge, via Top Chef

Tonight, the chefs were asked to deconstruct a classic dish.   One of them was fish and chips, which happens to be one of Christopher Robin’s favorites, so I found myself trying to imagine how to do it.  As we watched, I kept tossing out ideas, and CR finally said, “Try it!”  (Subtext: please please please!)

So,  on Friday, I’ll give it a shot.  I promise to be truthful about the process, and post photos, mistakes, and…perhaps even a successfully delicious.  I’m not exactly a whiz with fish, but am very, very good with potatoes.  Wish me luck and….check back.

 (The photo is of the chip shop by CR’s mum’s house in Kent.)

One thought on “Deconstruction Challenge, via Top Chef

  1. Ruthie

    I really didn’t know how to deconstruct a dish until I read Tom Colicchio’s blog on Bravo’s website. Can’t wait to hear how your dish turns out, Barbara. Didn’t Michael V’s Caesar salad look incredible? It was beautiful to look at. I wanted him to win, but Kevin’s Mole was alot more complex so he deserved the win.

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